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A pay-per-click (PPC) campaign allows you to determine who visits your website. You only pay for actual clicks to your site. When somebody simply sees your banner ad or link, but doesn’t click on it, that’s referred to as an impression. Even though you don’t pay for “Impressions”, just getting people to see your ad can increase recognition of your brand, so it’s still a benefit but not what should be focused on with your pay per click campaign.

We’re here to help local Austin-based businesses focus on conversions, getting more qualified visitors to your site and turning them into buyers.

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Tracking your results.

The main advantage of PPC advertising is the ability to track the behavior of your visitors. You can measure what pages of your site people visit, how long they stay, which products they place in their cart and whether or not they make a purchase or take the desired action. You can determine where your traffic is coming from and where your best marketing dollar is spent.

Quality customers,
not just clicks.

While the goal is getting more traffic to your site, the real value of PPC advertising is the quality of the clicks. In terms of PPC, quality is defined as having more conversations than casual browsers taking no action other than that initial curiosity click.

Monitoring and
bid management.

PPC isn’t as passive as it sounds. It is important to measure your results and make adjustments accordingly. Because your results are fairly immediate, this is a great way to test the marketing waters without wasting time or money. Speaking of time, there is just never enough when you have to do everything yourself, is there? We’re a premier PPC services provider focused on help small business owners, let us help you get more customers today!

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“They explain marketing strategies that make sense, and are highly ethical and current with all the latest SEO.”

- Joan Norton, TXParent

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