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    7 steps to get more leads from LinkedIn

    June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

7 steps to get more leads from LinkedIn

Leverage the largest network of businesses to grow your email list


Do you have a small B2B business and want to get more leads? Do you currently blog or create content of any sort that people might find useful? LinkedIn may be your secret weapon to obtaining the flood of leads you’re looking for. With over 433 million users, and close to 40% of them checking their accounts daily, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to connect with decision-making business professionals.

If you’re not already using LinkedIn to drive traffic to your site, you’re missing out on a tremendous number of highly qualified leads that want what you’re selling. It doesn’t take a high volume of work to leverage your existing marketing efforts to work with LinkedIn, and believe me, the benefits are well worth the effort!

Here are 7 ways you can increase the number of leads generated from LinkedIn….

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Complete Your Profile


The first step to generating leads is to complete your profile. This means ensuring all of your information is current, relevant and properly displays who you are and what you do. Also, it’s important that your profile is free of misspellings and errors since your goal is to create a positive first impression!

Adding a website:

One important thing for any business owner is to add your website to your profile. As a default, LinkedIn only lists the URL, but you can customize the displayed text to anything you want. Try making it an attention grabbing headline offering something of value such as: 7 tips to get more leads with LinkedIn. However, don’t stop at one website – you can also add links to any of your other landing pages to help collect more leads. This is a must for anyone giving away free content.

Video profile

Completing all the text fields in your profile is great, but a way to go above and beyond is to add a video. You can easily arrange videos so they play automatically after a few seconds and they let people know that you’re a real person. Your video doesn’t need to be long or complicated either. Try to keep it between 30 seconds and 1 minute to explain who you are, what you do and who can benefit from your business. This can all be shot and edited with your computer’s webcam or even a mobile phone.

Quick takeaway tips:

-Include a company logo + your photo

-Add links to your website and landing pages

-Include a 30 second to 1 minute video

Grow Your Network


Obviously your goal of a social network is to grow it and there are numerous practices you should be implementing on LinkedIn to see the increased traffic you’re The more connections you have, the more people will know about you, and the wider reach you’ll have when promoting your services.

You should be adding everyone you meet to your LinkedIn network. Start with friends, family, co-workers, alumni, customers, email contacts and even industry leaders. That group alone should give you at least an additional 100 new contacts.

For each of your requests, make sure you include a personal message. It could be as simple as mentioning the event or place you met and that you’d like to stay in touch. It also wise to add a bit of flattery and compliment them on something in their profile or about their company or website. Believe it or not, this actually works! Try it for yourself and let us know how many more people you were able to connect with in the comments.

Quick takeaway tips:

– Try to connect with everyone you’ve ever met

– Make the connection message personal

– Use flattery when reaching out to someone you don’t know

Post Your Content


Most small businesses with between 5 and 10 employees should be creating content of some sort. Whether it’s helpful articles they’re posting on their blogs, how-to videos posted on YouTube or anything else. Content brings in leads and leads turn into customers. Sharing that content on LinkedIn is simple to do in the Publications and Patents section. Don’t let the name scare you; blog posts, white papers and e-books are publications, so you should be posting them.

When writing the description text linking to your article, be sure to ask a specific question to try and engage comments. The more people are talking about it, the better it is.

You can also send LinkedIn emails directly to people who you think would enjoy your content. This is a great opportunity to not only increase the likelihood of having your content read, but read by people who you think should be reading it. Don’t spam people or be annoying with these  tactics … send only things you’d like to receive with this approach.

Posting content on LinkedIn helps by raising your reputation and positioning yourself as an expert on the topic. More people will connect with you and might subscribe to your blog or website mailing list, which, in turn, all grow your network.

Quick takeaway tips:

-Use the Publications and Patents sections to post your content

-Ask a question at the end to increase engagement

-Connect with people that comment on it

-Share pertinent blog posts with your connections

Exclusive Bonus: Download this Free checklist On the 7 tips to generating more leads on LinkedIn!

Join A Group


If your business is for a specific niche, odds are there is a LinkedIn group for it. In fact, there are thousands of businesses that have grown and thrive only from traffic generated by LinkedIn groups. They’re free to join, can have tens of thousands of members and becoming involved with them can increase your traffic and the number of leads to your website.

The way to benefit from a group is by regularly providing value. Try commenting on postings or creating posts yourself and asking questions. The more you can provide, the more the group will give back and trust you when the time is right. Not only can joining a group put you in contact with your ideal leads and target customers, but you can learn a lot about them. The market research alone is worth it.

One last advantage of joining a group is the ability to privately message another member. Generally on LinkedIn, you’re not allowed to send a private message to someone unless you’re connected. Joining a group can circumvent this restriction and give you direct access to thousands of leads.

Quick takeaway tips:

– Join groups to learn about your ideal customer

– Give back to the community by asking and answering questions

– Reach out to members by privately messaging them

Answering Questions


Apart from being a resource of your ideal leads, many people ask questions on LinkedIn. Answering them is a great way to provide value and build trust to those who are looking for answers. It’s really easy to do and odds are you’re an expert on a topic on which someone needs help. The more value you can provide for someone, the more they’ll trust you and the more they’ll value your opinion.

Answering questions to the best of your ability is a great way to grow your network and increase your reputation. An additional hack is to send a private message to whoever asked the question, letting them know you’d be happy to give more detail over the telephone with a free consultation. This is a perfect opportunity to offer your services if you think they’re a good fit for you.

Quick takeaway tips:

– Answer questions to the best of your ability

– Send private follow up messages offering additional help over the phone

– Pitch your services if  a good fit

Be Active


No matter what social media profile you choose to attack, being active and engaged is key to success. People need to know you’re actually there and by being active, it increases the chances they’ll engage with you and click on your links.

You’ll always be busy and have a lot going on being actively engaged doesn’t have to be hard or take a lot a time. By simply posting short snippets of content, it  ensures  you’ll remain relevant and you will be top of mind when someone is thinking about your services.

Tips to easily be active on LinkedIn

-Status updates 3x week

-Ask questions in your updates

-Post questions in groups

-Post your own content

-Post links to other people’s content

Quick takeaway tips:

– Post at least once per week

– Don’t spam

– Share worthwhile and relevant information

LinkedIn Ads


It’s a fact, paid advertising works and LinkedIn ads have the added benefit of being  customizable to a business oriented network. Unlike Facebook, Google or Bing ads, where you can’t specify job title or company, LinkedIn ads give you the ability to target your ideal market with laser precision.

It also means that you’re likely to have a greater number of quality leads coming through, which can lead to a higher sales conversion rate.

Quick takeaway tips:

– Be as specific as possible for job title, location and company

– Offer great industry content that will be noticed

– A/B test different variants to learn what works



Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is amazing for B2B companies looking for more business. It cuts away the fluff and allows you to connect with your target customer in multiple ways. Try tackling a few of these tactics and see the results first hand. Leave a message in the comments if you’ve used LinkedIn to obtain more leads and what tactics have worked for you.

Exclusive Bonus: Download this Free checklist On the 7 tips to generating more leads on LinkedIn!